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Fatih meets Reality

After years of doing ministry….we always knew that something was wrong but we could never figure out what it was. As the Holy Spirit helped us to mature we finally realized what the problem was: nothing ever made any sense. Most of the sermons that we heard were not matching up with what was really going on in the world. It was almost as if, going into a "church" was like entering the ‘Land of Oz’, a fantasy world. When we read the Bible we saw reality and we saw real consequences to sin and disobedience. But this was being left out of the "church experience" that we would enter into every Sunday. The Reality was…. that the contemporary "American Christian Church" was actually a 501c (3) Non-Profit Organization. The Reality was…. the contemporary "American Christian Church" got its right to exist from the State and is a Government Sponsored Entity. The Reality was…. that Protestantism didn’t exist in this system and Catholicism (by definition) reigned supreme. The Reality was…. most preachers/ministers are never "called" but rather inherit or are recruited into a "Fraternity/Sorority". The Reality was…. that God’s Word condemned this type of systematic evil at every point in history and when The Lord Jesus Christ came on the scene he rebuked and cursed these types of systems. The Reality was…. that contemporary "American Christian Church" has more in common with Anti-Christ than with a True and Living Way! Perfect Love casts out fear and it is only when we come face to face with reality that we find out if our FAITH is REAL and if His Way is TRUE. For there is much wickedness in the world today, enough to make anyone depressed and hopeless; so we have to face reality so that we can find out the Words that He spoke unto us, REMAIN in US, and cause us to have JOY and that JOY continually becomes replenished day by day. We are Full of the Holy Spirit, we Believe in the bodily Resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ (Yashuah Messiah). We believe in the FULL authority and accuracy of the Word of God. We believe in Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the Return of Jesus Christ. We believe in bearing fruit, showing ourselves to be approved of God, making full proof of our ministry and trying ourselves to find out whether or not we are actually in the Faith. We believe in salvation by grace through Faith in the atoning death and liberating resurrection of The Only Begotten Son of God The Lord Jesus Christ, whom be Glory, Honor, Dominion, and Power.