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Class Is In Session!

Ok Class……get out your text books (The Word of God)

Lesson#1: No one should EVER call themselves a Christian

-Acts 11:26…The place Antioch was the first place, where disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ were called "Christians". Notice the biblical account never tells us that the disciples called themselves this name!

"’Christians’ occurs in the New Testament only here, as a nickname given by outsiders, and in 1 Peter 4:16, as something like a legal charge. The title is formed on the analogy of adherents to a political party: "Caesarians", the "Herodians", the "Pompeianians" and so forth. Antiochans were known for making fun of people…" Craig Keener from Bible Background Commentary: New Testament, p. 354

The "title" Christian started off as a joke and today it still remains a joke. If you call yourself a Christian and you are a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ then you should STOP giving yourself that title. Words like: Saint, People of God, Disciple of Christ, Follower of Jesus Christ, Believer, are more appropriate terms to use to describe the Body of Christ.

Lesson#2: STOP calling it "Church"!

-Isaiah 66:1-2… If you are not familiar with biblical history, then let me give you a quick run through. God never wanted a temple, he wanted to dwell with the people as they camped and moved. But the people wanted to build Him a "house" just like the rest of the idols of neighboring peoples. God allowed it but would eventually destroy the temple and the temple would NEVER be rebuilt again!

The place that you go to that you call a "church" has NOTHING to do with The Church! A horse is not the same as a car; even though cars use "horsepower" they are not the same thing. This is the same for The Church; they may meet in a building and have "church" but the building and the people are not the same. Even the phrase "have church" relegates The Lord Jesus Christ to a time in the past and not a Living Body. Let us use the language that God wants us to use and call a "building" a "building" and "The Church" the "The Church".

Lesson# 3: Catholicism has NOTHING to do with The Church!

Deuteronomy 4:15-19 … Catholicism practices IDOL Worship or Image worship. There is no getting around this fact, history proves that there is NO "tradition" from the original Apostles that condones or implies idolatry! Paul spoke against idol worship: "For this you know that no…idolater has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God." Ephesians 5:5. Through out ALL of the First Testament (Old Testament) God destroys, condemns, curses, and punishes those that practice idol worship. The Catholic worshipers refuse to admit or repent for their idol worship.

"Neither in the New Testament nor in any genuine writings of the first age of Christianity can any trace be discovered of the use of statues or pictures in the worship of Christians, whether public or private." Chamber’s Encyclopedia: A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People, pg 520 (1878)

So why are these people saying that they are obeying God or following traditions? The system that these traditions derived from was a PAGAN western system.

"…it is admitted by Catholics themselves that for the first three centuries the use of images was rare and exceptional; nor was it until after the establishment of Christianity under Constantine, and particularly after the Condemnation of the Nestorian heresy in 430, that statues and pictures of our Lord, of the Virgin Mary, and the Saints, were commonly introduced in churches especially in the East and Italy" Chamber’s Encyclopedia: A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People, pg 521 (1878)

Catholics worship idols and there can be no justification for worshiping a PICTURE or a STATUE, especially when God Himself has spoken for over 3000 years telling people to STOP this sort of madness. There is no wonder why the Protestant Reformers labeled the Roman Catholic church of being The Antichrist!

"It was usual not only to keep lights and burning incense before the images, to kiss them reverently, and to kneel down and pray before them, but some went so far as to make the images serve as godfathers and godmothers in baptism, and even to mingle the dust or the colouring matter scraped from the images with the Eucharistic elements in the Holy Communion! This use of images by Christians was alleged as an obstacle to the conversion of the Jews, and as one of the causes of the progress of Mohammedanism (Islam) in the East;" Chamber’s Encyclopaedia: A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People, pg 521 (1878)

Tricking & causing millions of people to worship graven images, statues, and dead people sounds like Antichrist activity to me!