Full Gospel Baptist Church Catholic Scandal

Why Expose?: Part 1

The truth needs to be revealed! It’s time for secret oaths, secret meetings, secret sects, and secret beliefs to be revealed! It is also time for the people to call for their leaders to renounce the secret oaths that they have taken. If your pastor/ bishop/ overseer has nothing to hide then why have they not told you that they have secretly studied at the Vatican and that they believe that the Pope is the "Holy Father" and that Rome is the birth place & authority of Church leadership? Why is Paul S. Morton hiding his true title of Archbishop? Why does your pastor/ bishop/ overseer approve of and commune with the Papacy/Rome, when all of their leaders protected sexual perverts, rapists and pedophiles? Why would Baptists, Pentecostal, and other "Protestants" openly submit to men who proclaim that their spiritual heritage comes from Rome (who is the 4th beast of Daniel 7 and the Beast of the Book of Revelation). Why would "the Church" have a "spiritual covering" made up of a system of men who allowed, appeased, and helped the Nazi Party to flourish & expand their empire in the 1930’s & 40’s.

These questions should be asked of all Full Gospel Baptist Church Pastors,(as well as COGIC and any other denomination/non-denomination that is under a Bishop). Many church people do not understand what is happening in "the contemporary American Church". This is a quote from the Preachers Bureau of Investigation Website:

"There are striking similarities to the issues facing The Church of God In Christ and The Catholic Church when it comes to sexual crimes committed by Priest and Pastors…"

And it is not just in the COGIC church that we see this type of blasphemous and luciferian activity. Back in 2008, Bishop Neil Ellis, (currently the 2nd presiding bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship), had a scandal in the Bahamas because his "spiritual son" Bishop Randy Fraser was accused of raping a 14-yr old young lady (this case is still pending). In September 2010, Full Gospel Baptist Church Bishop, Eddie Long was accused of molestation & sexual perversion by 4 different young men. After you read the evidence you will understand the reason behind why we are seeing these types of abuses and debauchery in the African American "Protestant Churches".