Full Gospel baptist church Exposed as servants of satan

Intro To Fool's Gospel: Part 2

In an article written by overseer Lanier Twyman, ‘Theology Digest’ (Fall 2010), bishop Paul S. Morton becomes immortalized as a man that started a "reformation". It states that: "He has shown a [Martin] Luther-like courage by calling together the body of Christ through the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship." The article starts off by talking about Martin Luther starting the reformation, Twyman states: "It took great courage and tenacity to break from the Roman tradition and not break from the Body of Christ. It was Luther’s Intent to reform, not to separate…". As knowelgeable as Twyman sounds, he leaves out an extremely important part of what Martin Luther promoted: That the Papacy, Catholic institution/system was THE ANTI-CHRIST. At first glance, this may appear to be an ignorant misunderstanding. But when we look at the history, and background of the leaders of this movement (Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship), we will CLEARLY see that Paul S. Morton, Sr. is certainly not a Reformer! In reality, what he and others have done through the Full Gospel movement works against and destroyed everything that the Protestant Reformers stood for and believed in. Whether or not you agree with what the Protestant reformation was about does not matter. The fact of the matter is that as of today, Protestantism is a feint memory and Catholicism reins supreme not only systematically, but ideologically.

Full Gospel Baptist Exposed as Satanic

The Lord Jesus Christ said that "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks", so we should pay very close attention to what comes out of the mouths of these Adjuncts of the Anti-Christ. There are several key words that "church men and women" will use to warn you that they have been influenced and brainwashed by the Antichrist system.

BUZZ WORDS to look out for:
Kingdom Universal Church Ecumenical
Covering Spiritual Father Spiritual Covering
Armor Bearer Out of Order Spiritual Authority
Dispensation Authority Prosperity
Patriotic Marketplace Man o’ God
Unity Next Level New Dimension
Dominion Apostolic Flow

When you hear any of the words in the list above you should get suspicious and begin to listen carefully; as you are about to be deceived.

As a matter of fact, Catholic Deacon Alex Jones in his book, ‘No Price Too High: A Pentecostal Preacher Becomes Catholic’ (p.101) says:

"That’s why we realize that Martin Luther didn’t attempt to reform the Church; he reinterpreted it. He tried to make changes without authority…."

This quote has an eerie similarity with what Lanier Twyman said in the article mentioned above. Historical facts are always twisted by these con-men to try and get support their positions. The worst offense of all is the twisting of scripture and the use of ‘proof texting’ in order to fool the masses into accepting the doctrine of devils.