Full Gospel Baptist Church Catholics Exposed

ALL Are Catholic: Part 3

Most ministers today believe and participate in the ecumenical efforts of all of the major "Denominations/Non Denominations". Also, most ministers in the 501 c 3 organizational church would not consider Roman Catholicism as the Anti Christ. But make no mistake Rome is the BEAST of Revelation 17 and the 4th beast of Daniel 7. Every Biblical scholar will confirm this truth. Anyone that travels to the Vatican and goes to meet the pope has to address him as "HOLY FATHER". Bowing down before the authority of the Papacy would have been unthinkable to the founders of EVERY protestant denomination. But we are now in a time were the "church" has become ‘catholic’ by definition.

Full Gospel Churches serve the Pope

The word ‘catholic’ means universal. By virtue of their acceptance/tolerance of the Antichrist (Roman Catholic Church) and their Westernization (accepting every facet of american culture), modern American "Christianity" has become universal or catholic (by definition).

Catholic conversion can gradually happen, listen to a quote from Alex Jones in his book called ‘No Price Too High: A Pentecostal Preacher Becomes Catholic’ (p.104):

"In all my enthusiasm to become apostolic and rediscover the Church, I came to the realization that I was recreating the wheel. Why was I doing this? If this has already been done by the Church that was authorized to do it, why was I trying to redo it? Could that mean that I should be a part of that Church? Why should I recreate what has already been tried, proven true, practiced and refined? I began to realize that I was becoming Catholic without knowing it."

Alex Jones began to simulate the culture of Catholicism: vestments, worship styles, icons and verbiage. Once things begin to look "catholic" then you should understand that a visit to the Vatican in Rome is just around the corner.