Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Exposed as Pope Worshippers

Clown College: Part 5

If you know a Bishop/ Overseer, did you ever ask the question, how did they become one? In the "Contemporary African American Church" usually the College of Bishops comes to the rescue whenever a pastor decides that he wants to join the dark side. But what is a College of Bishops?

This website states:

The term ‘College of Bishops’ is used in Catholic theology to describe the bishops, as the successors of the Apostles in communion with the Pope, who is the Bishop of Rome, as a body. With the Pope, the college shares the pastoral care and government of the Roman Catholic Church.

In a 2003 book called 'The Bishopric: A Handbook on Creating Episcopacy in the African-American Pentecostal Church' (page viii), it is revealed that Bishop Delano Ellis, Archbishop Roy E. Brown, Bishop Paul S. Morton and Archbishop William S. McKinley came together to CREATE The Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops. The JCAAPB has a seal and is described on the website:

"The STARS represent the four Founding Bishops: Bishop J. Delano Ellis, II, Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton, Archbishop Roy Brown, and Archbishop Wilbert Sterling McKinley. The three STREAMS represent the three Reformations: United Pentecostal Churches of Christ, Full Gospel and Pilgrim Assemblies. The BISHOP'S MITER symbolizes the Acts 2:3-4 descent of the Holy Spirit on the birth of the Church. The flowing STOLE on either side of the Arms is the symbol of the yokemanship of all who serve with the Primate (Archbishops) on the promulgation of the message of holiness"

Notice that the website does NOT talk about the key. The reason why is because the cross keys are the symbol for the Vatican, and by just having one key, one staff, a stole, and a miter, the seal pledges submission to Rome as the Holy See (Two keys= Full Authority, One Key = Partial Authority/ Servant to Full Authority ).

If you compare Joseph Ratzinger’s Seal to the JCAAPB seal they are very similar (you my have to look carefully to see Ursa Major –The Great Bear or The Big Dipper in the JCAAPB seal, but its is clear in the pope’s seal.)

This is a picture of Joint College of Bishops seal.

The Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship has its own "Mini College of Bishops" but the name has to be vailed, called the COE (College of Ordained Elders).

These "Colleges" are set up to train, teach, and minister how to become "High Church". So, what is High-Church"???

Dennis Bratcher states on a website:

""Low Church" is a neutral term that simply describes a type of worship that does not follow a prescribed order of service, that does not follow certain liturgical patterns, and does not make use of developed ritual, ceremony, or worship accouterments like vestments."

From Webster's Dictionary:

"’Low Church’ (1710 C.E.) tending esp. in Anglican worship to minimize emphasis on the priesthood, sacraments, and the ceremonial in worship and often to emphasize evangelical principles. By contrast: ‘High Church’ (1687 C.E.) tending esp. in Anglican worship to stress the sacerdotal [priestly], liturgical, ceremonial, traditional, and Catholic elements in worship. So the two terms simply describe attitudes, forms, or theologies of worship. Those traditions that follow more priestly models, ranging from Catholic to Anglican, or those that tend to follow a more liturgical form of worship in which the service is structured around a Theology of Word and Table, ranging from Lutheran to some Methodists, are considered "high church."

From the article ‘Pentecostals dress like Catholic bishops’ by Banks:

"As Ellis suggests, the Pentecostal church has always been known for it emotional fervor, not its formal style of worship. But the three African-American denominations are crossing the liturgical aisle and adding vestments, chalices and other traditions of Anglicans and kindred denominations...The High-Church Pentecostal movement is significant because it marks a departure from the style and dogma that long have defined most African-American Pentecostal churches. "Many of the old organizations that we were linked to as presiders unfortunately had not moved with the times," said Bishop Eric D. Garnes, senior pastor of Tabernacle of Praise Church in Brooklyn, N.Y."

Quote by another fool

Bishop Eric Garnes is a charter member of the Joint College of African American Bishops, and according to the churches web site, he sits atop the "princes" for the Sacred College of Bishops. Tabernacle of Praise Cathedral??? Why call a Pentecostal church a "Cathedral"?

Wikipedia states that- A cathedral (Lat. cathedra, "seat") is a Christian church that contains the seat of a bishop. It is a religious building for worship, specifically of a denomination with an episcopal hierarchy, such as the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox and some Lutheran churches, which serves as a bishop's seat, and thus as the central church of a diocese (a diocese is an administrative territorial/land unit or 'episcopal see' that a bishop controls). The word cathedral is derived from the Latin noun "cathedra" (seat or chair), and refers to the presence of the bishop's or archbishop's chair or throne.