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What Are Gmos?

How do you change the genes or DNA of a cell?

Well........ First, get something that can invade (infiltrate) that cell. Secondly, you must have something that has perfected the art of changing genetic code and transferring DNA. Third, this "thing" has to be organic, meaning it has to be a living organism.

There is only one organism on earth that can meet all three of these requirements:


The E.coli virus to be precise! So what does this mean? If the food you are eating has been genetically modified then it has been changed with the help of a 'food flu shot'. You are eating the equivalent of "Franken-food". A gruesome amalgamation of organisms that yields a "creation" that resembles something "like" what nature produces but obeys & reacts to man-made chemicals like a machine. For example, Monsanto GMO BT corn, is registered with the government as a pesticide; the reason why is because when the corn grows it produces its own chemical pesticide that kills its predator. This type of blasphemous design is what pervades most of the seed industry. Something like 90% of the Soy beans that are grown are now genetically modified, corn is also high on the GMO list. When you see the word 'soy' or 'soy bean oil' on the ingredient label of a product that you eat, rest assured you are eating GMO's!

What effects do GMO's have on your body? answer this question let us use some common sense. If you are eating a plant that is registered as a pesticide, produces a pesticide, kills like a pesticide, then you are eating a pesticide. If you eat an animal whose diet consists 100% of GMO corn or soy then you are eating an animal that is NOT eating natural foods; an animal that's unhealthy. When you eat unhealthy meat then you will be unhealthy.

Genetically Modified foods have an added danger. The corporations that modify the seeds also put a "genetic" marker in these organisms. (These markers are placed for "patent" or "ownership" verification) These markers are antibiotic reactive markers, which means that in every GMO food you eat, you are subjecting yourself to chemicals that can make your body resistant to antibiotics. Of course, I do not recommend that you take antibiotics, BUT when large groups of people become resistant to antibiotics it begins to create SUPER viruses. This is the reason why "Flu shot frenzy" has been happening in America for the last 10 years. This is why the community has experienced worse and worse flu seasons every year. In about 20 years, all of the studies will confirm what we already knew; and that is that GMO foods are bad for EVERYONES health.

Why do companies create GMO seeds & food?

$$$$$.......Profit! A recent new article shows us that U.S. GMO soy beans are about to start feeding the next "World Superpower" China. . Genetic modification does NOT increase crop yield; but it does corner the market by making it illegal for farmers to grow or have ANY GMO plants in their field unless they buy from the GMO companies. So, if one farmer uses GMO crops, his neighbor will eventually have to start using the MORE expensive GMO seed because the neighbor's field will eventually become contaminated. Cross pollination is inevitable in nature; and if these GMO companies find any farmer NOT using their GMO seed, they will sue the farmer because they will assume that his field is contaminated (even if they have no evidence, they can put a small farmer out of business by dragging them through a insanely expensive court system). Creating less competition, bullying every customer to purchase your product, creating a product that reproduces itself with the HELP of nature & the environment is the ULTIMATE "Mafioso" business move. GMO seed companies like Monsanto have posted record profits over the last 5 years, even as the global economy has crashed. I wonder how they have done this???? Just look in your cabinets and read your ingredients, and I am sure that you will end up saying: "Oh No! GMO's"