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29 Signs of a Psychopath

*this is not an attempt to give a clinical diagnosis, nor are any one of these signs in isolation a definitive indication that someone is a psychopath.

Please understand that the signs are supposed to be taken in context together, one sign in general does not mean someone is a psychopath, but if the person is exhibiting most of these signs they have a high probability of being a dark entity. Psychopaths are about 1-4% of the population, and the percentage increases as you get into certain professions/vocations. Psychopaths are dangerous individuals...mythical monsters like: vampire, werewolves, sirens and Mr. Hyde...are all patterned after the behavior and nature of psychopaths. Please take these series of videos seriously as your probability of being affected by, or running into a psychopath is high (even though their numbers are small). Is the preacher of your church a psychopath? Is your supervisor a psychopath? Is your favorite politician or president a psychopath? Is your there one in your family?

They always taking pictures of themselves, extremely vain.
This is a Key sign, they are always complaining about being bored or seem as if they never finish anything and are always going to the next thing.
I.E. close relationships like: siblings, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, children, business associates, friends. This is one of the LAST signs to confirm that the person is a psychopath, this is one thing that psychopaths excel at...destroying peoples lives.
A psychopath may even trick you into thinking that they want to admit they are wrong by saying phrases like "As hard as it is for me to admit that I'm wrong" or "I may be wrong", but they will never accept guilt nor will they apologize.
Many of the top sports stars are psychopaths, people like Lance Armstrong are perfect examples of this type of trait where they will try to win no matter what the rules say and no matter how many people they hurt. In religion, psychopath preachers will compete against other preachers trying to build bigger buildings and get flashier clothes & cars.
This is the most telling sign, if you look at your job, church, organization or group and you see the people at the top leading it, you might want to look for these signs.
The bigger the lies the better, even when a psychopath is caught in a lie, they will act as if they don't remember saying it, flat out deny it or even just admit that they said it without acknowledging that it is a lie.
This sign is hard to find if you do not know the person intimately or if you have not known them for a while. But social media has led to an interesting phenomenon....a psychopath my post content that is a staged emotional scene in order to illicit responses from their "friends".
relationship with this person may be too good to be true at first because the psychopath is treating you like a new toy. This is a HUGE sign that some is a psychopath. Listen to language carefully, anyone that speaks about people in a very possessive way are suspect.
Blame is a big thing with psychopaths, they will actually make you think that you are the one that is crazy. But you are not, this is a very damaging thing that they do and it can cause trauma especially for loved ones.
This sign is not as concrete as other signs BUT if there are other signs and you see this sign as well it just confirms what you are already sensing.
The key to understanding this sign is watching HOW they use their pets or children. If pets and children are used in order to get people in the family to do things or if they are used outside of the home to get attention and/or business connection, be very wary.
This idea of "winning no matter what" is almost a staple in American culture, but it also is a key motivator of the psychopath. Be very careful when you find that a person you know is all about winning. There is a difference between being a "competitive" person and a "psychopathic winning mentality". A psychopath will use all kinds of backstabbing, lying, cheating, and slandering in order to "beat" people in life, being hyper competitive about things that are NOT designed as a competition can be sign.
When someone brags about how "good" of a person they are or "how" they help people but you never actually see them help people OR you know for a fact that they are a selfish person.....that is a sign. Politicians do this all the time, most high level politicians should not be trusted and should be watched as they can likely be psychopathic in nature.
This is one of the MOST abusive signs of a psychopath. They will lure you in and make you think that you are a PRIZED possession, but you are ONLY a possession. If you don't do everything that they tell you to do, they will cut you off
Bisexuality, "Open" Relationships, Pedophilia, Sadistic sexual behaviors, and many forms of sexual abuse are hallmarks of psychopaths. Many times if you are in a relationship with a psychopath this sexually deviant behavior will be used as a tool to oppress or trap their partner (as psychopaths love to prey on people that are co-dependent and have issues with abandonment).
When someone is labeled as being a person who is "highly ambitious" this is a sign that they may be using psychopathic energies in order to "move up". In the western world, calling someone "ambitious" has been turned into a kind of compliment, but it is a very telling sign that someone has a predatory personality.
Just think about the television shows that promote ALL of these professions and have characters that are completely psychopathic. There are whole TV Channels that are devoted to promoting Televangelists who use psychopathic techniques in order to dupe the masses out of money. Avoid psychopaths on a personal level as well as on television! When you see a TV show glorifying a psychopath...turn it off immediately.
This sign is very easy to spot and this is a sign that tends to really be visible in female psychopaths.
When someone tries to destroy your reputation and slander you this person is participating in psychopathic behavior. If you see this sign along with many of the others, your suspicions are confirmed!
This sign is extremely deceptive, because creativity is hard to really "define", a psychopath can seem like they are creative by copying the work and ideas of others. A good example of this would be if a psychopath asks you to help them finish a project with them and you are the one that gives all of the ideas, or if they ask you for ideas and later you find out that they took credit for the ones that you gave them.
They give no thought to how their actions will affect their family, friends nor loved ones.
This is the kind of sign that you will not pick up on unless you get really close to a psychopath.
They will always have something scandalous in their past that will expose them. Someone that they have molested, raped, killed, blackmailed, slandered, abused, or slammed will reveal themselves, please do NOT ignore this sign. If people have hurt others, then they will hurt you also.
They want you to think they are a saint when they are actual full of evil. If people are bragging about their good deeds, then they are not doing them with the right intent anyway, so anyone that does this sign should be avoided at all costs.
Pay attention to how people act when situations call for empathy, you can even test people by talking about bad things that have happened to people that you know and see their reaction.
This sign is one of the first signs that people notices with psychopaths, because they are so cold and have no light.
If you cannot be their personal possession, if they cannot take credit for your success or have you as their personal slave they will cut you off like you are a disease.