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Is Your Pastor Mentally Ill?


Signs that your pastor/religious leader may be dealing with mental issues:


*this is not an attempt to give a clinical diagnosis,  nor are any one of these signs in isolation a definitive indication of mental illness but when you start seeing proliferation of these signs in groups then you need to get the  minister some help.


  • Obsessive habits/ behaviors: (including but not limited to) extravagant purchases,  video/ fantasy game playing, dressing up in costumes,  over-eating,  sexual addictions, drug use, alcohol abuse etc.
  • Doubting the effectiveness of a ministry
  • Laughing at inappropriate times (including the phenomenon called "Holy Laughter")
  • Unwarranted accusations against friends, family and members
  • Paranoia of: people betraying them, people "stealing members" and infidelity of spouse
  • Extreme emotional outburst (on both sides of the spectrum i.e.  anger-happiness)
  • Severe mood swings and changes in personality
  • Obsession with women/children
  • Severe episodes of depression with suicide attempts
  • Delusions of grandeur (belief that one is greater or more powerful than they actually are/ uses strategies, mannerisms & words to make oneself feel more important that others)
  • Preaching while under the influence of a substance
  • Disconnecting with one’s spouse and/or children
  • Socialization with individuals that are of questionable character or unstable mental state
  • Insecurity/low self-esteem displayed by downing oneself or insulting others including spouse & children
  • Extreme pride
  • Physical and verbal abuse of loved ones


(This list is only to be used to help you spiritually discern, it is by no means exhaustive, and it does not negate the REALITY of demonic influence in the lives of many.  Spiritual deliverance from demonic oppression, obsession, or (in rare cases) possession is something that may have to happen before some can become healed of their illness.  We pray that The LORD would lead your heart and mind to do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said…)