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Is Your Pastor Corrupt?

The word 'corruption' is from the Latin corruptus which means "to destroy, spoil, bribe"
The word 'pastor' is from the Latin pascere which means "to put to pasture or to feed"

If you look at your "pastor" or "minister" or "preacher" what do you see?

Corruption destroys lives, situations, communities, and growth. Corruption spoils, ruins, putrifies and divides communities. Corruption takes bribes, "love offerings", drug money, and takes away innocence. Corrupt pastors leave you empty, starving, sick and lost.

When you listen to your "pastor" or "minister" or "preacher" what do you hear?

Corruption destroys decisions, leaving families without homes. Corruption spoils health, encouraging unhealthy eating habits. Corruption speaks of paying God for blessings, and "tithing" your way into heaven. When Corrupt pastors speak you are left enjoying the silence of frustration and the unfufilling reward of fruitlessness.

When you see your "pastor's" or "minister's" or "preacher's" family what do you find?

Corruption destroys marriages and leaves behind bitter spouses & broke children. Corruption spoils respect and reputations, within the community. Corruption bribes victims with hush money and bribes leaders with abandonment. Corrupt pastors leave their family leaderless and their flocks faithless.

When you think of your "pastor" or "minister" or "preacher" do you think of 'Corruption'?

  • Corrupt pastors are professionals: working to make sure that they are unaccountable for their actions
  • Corrupt pastors are loving: making sure that they touch all of the money and worship all of the gross profits.
  • Corrupt pastors are diligent: working hard to make sure that their integrity has no value or merit.
  • Corrupt pastors are mentors: raising up disciples of fame, lovers of corporate glory, and demonic entertainers.
  • Corrupt pastors are prosperous: living in luxury homes and driving exorbitant wealth, at the expense of single mothers.
  • Corrupt pastors are smart: making sure that everyone accepts their sorry excuses and their meaningless apologies.
  • Corrupt pastors are visionaries: building monolithic monuments to immortalize themselves while leaving the community with unsurmountable debt.
  • Corrupt pastors are "real": making sure that they only admit guilt when they are caught or exposed.
  • Corrupt pastors are understanding: using brainwashing techniques to make sure that everyone under their leadership will not ask any questions.
  • Corrupt pastors are shepherds: leading the community to focus on confusing spirituality, meaningless fellowship, and fruitless evangelism/outreach.
  • Corrupt pastors are saved: making sure that they do not recieve any type of rebuke or reproof for their false doctrine, blatant lies, and faithless walk.