Berry Gordy: Pimpin' Is Easy - The Truth About the Man Behind Motown

(Part 3)

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WARNING: This is a hard story to tell. It will not be pleasing to everyone’s liking. I have to get ‘racial’ in certain parts of the story. This is done for story purposes only; it is not to bring down or make anyone’s race inferior. Remember this is the 1960’s. The truth has to be told.

Berry Gordy is credited with creating the ‘Sound of Young America"; A music dynasty. He is revered the world over. Motown is one of the three best known American entertainment trademarks in the world. And as you will see, the Best Known brothel in the world. A lot of people who knew him at the time referred to him a being a master or king.

The word of God tells us to not revere man. Many people (fans and celebrities) around the world do just that with Berry. Although she calls him a ‘master’ herself; In her book, "Berry, Me, and Motown", his ex-wife Raynoma lets us know that he should be anything but revered.

Hitsville U.S.A. is the place the original Motown artists recorded and it was also the place Berry Gordy lived. She writes, "Also on the upper floor were a kitchen, a master bedroom for the MASTER & me…… When referring to a company meeting she writes, "Behind the desk was head Master Gordy." He might have had a good record company but Berry Gordy definitely wasn’t God.

Raynoma let’s us in on Berry’s business practices as well. She writes," ...Berry was hesitant about making love too often. He says it depletes his business drive". "In fact, she mentions that she had to schedule a day to have relations with her husband. She tells us again," I'd made a lot of concessions about Berry's all-nighters, understanding how important they were to his style of doing business--being on the prowl, looking for action. When his nights away began to outnumber those at home, I asked only that he not stay out all night. ..[When he’d come home]That time would be just before six in the morning. If this sounds unusual it is. Berry Gordy was a pimp.

What is a pimp? A pimp is an agent for prostitutes who collects part of their earnings. The pimp may receive this money in return for advertising services, physical protection, or for providing (or in some cases monopolizing) a location where she may engage clients. The last being a ‘whorehouse’.

One night while she was in bed with Berry, Raynoma said he made this statement:

"I've got to get out of this business," he said. "I have a few girls." "What do you mean a few girls?" "Down on John R," he said, "but I've got to get out. I can't do this" It took a minute for the nickel to drop. One strip of John R Street was Detroit’s red-light district, not far from its heavily trafficked hotel and nightclub area. The Flame Show Bar was there, lots of fancy dudes with dollars to spare. Strip joints, small time guys selling reefer, johns out to score hookers. It hit me—could Berry have meant that he was a ..?No, impossible, I thought, not my Berry. " "I can't do what the mfers down there do. They beat the women up, forcing them out on the street if they're sick or tired or pregnant. Heartless son of b--s. They don't want to hear no sob stories. It’s just give me money, and if a girl gets upity he kicks her a--. I can't do that. I can't make them go out on the street. I feel sorry for my girls. Sorry if, say, she's sick or can't work, or maybe just doesn't want to. But then on the other hand I've got so much riding on these acts, no money coming in, a ton of expenses and.. I'm just not cut out for it"

Did you notice how he said 'these acts'? He was talking about his singers. He was funding Motown by prostitution.

Raynoma never mentioned that he ‘got rid’ of those girls. Even her neighbor knew about Berry being a pimp.

What Type of Pimp was Berry Gordy?

Berry Gordy was a ‘mack pimp’. At its basis, there are three types of pimps: popcorn pimps, player pimps, and mack pimps.

A mack pimp is

Mack Pimp definition

He also displays traits of a player pimp. A player pimp has few prostitutes in his stable. He tends to be less violent than popcorn pimps, relying more on psychological persuasion to control the girls.

How do we know he’s a mack pimp? Well, if you know Motown, then you know the song ‘Jimmy Mack’ sung by Martha and the Vandellas. Yes, this song is about a whore wanting to to go back to her pimp. Macking means pimping. Therefore, Mack means Pimp: Jimmy Pimp. Jimmy is a sexual reference. I’ll let you look that one up.

Everyone knows of the relationship between rappers and pimps. People pretty much think they are pimps. So when Martha Reeves writes in her book, "Jimmy Mack is where the rap term "mack daddy" came from." You are clearly able to see what the song is about. The term ‘Daddy’ is what prostitutes call their pimp. (Keep in mind: street prostitution is not the only type of prostitution there is.) In the song, don’t let the "I do" part throw you off as whores belonging to one pimp consider themselves ‘wives-in-laws’.

Berry Gordy wrote a song himself called, "Midnight Johnny". It never became a big hit because it was recorded by a woman named Liz Lands. Johnny is the key here. A john is a client of a prostitute. The midnight part is easy to comprehend. Thus, Liz Lands role in the song is that of a prostitute. She falls in love with her client.

Why would Berry Gordy become a pimp?

Well everyone knows that Berry Gordy had a big need to make crossover music. He wanted to make music that would appeal to white audiences and black audiences alike. His main agenda was to get into the ‘white world’. He’d use his stable of stars to do it. [Stable is used purposefully because a stable is a group of whores belonging to one pimp.] He used them musically and physically. Pimps would use black women to get money from white men. Pimp history tells us that white men enjoyed black women’s sex. This is why ALOT of white men still worship the Motown women today. If you listen to alot of interviews on them they are done by white men.

Pimps (black pimps) were known to use their prostitutes to do just want I said. Get in the upper echelons of the pimp game or in Berry Gordys case the underworld etc. Contrary to popular belief, Most pimps are white. From the book,"The prostitution of women and girls by R. Barri Flowers":

Iceberg Slim was a pimp from back in the day. In his book, "Pimp", he let’s you know this: "What if I hadn’t kept my ears flapping back there in the joint? I would be a boot black or porter for the rest of my life in the high walled white world. My black whore was a cinch to get piles of white money from that forbidden white world." They used black women to get in the white world. He also says this: "I was still a black man in a white man’s world. My hope to be important and admired could be realized even behind this black stockade."

The story of how pimping came into being was this:

I’m going to paraphrase it if you get the book it’s on page 176. The story of how pimps came into being was originally told by freed slaves. These men were not lazy. They were tired of picking cotton and sucking up to the man. With their treatment from their slaves days on their mind they went to the city and got hip fast.

When they got to the city they realized that black people weren’t free after all. The cities were just like the plantations down South. Jeffing [Jeffing is a low level con] Uncle Toms still did all the white man’s hard and filthy work.

Those men [freed slaves] became upset. They saw the same thing going on in the cities as they did on the plantations: white men sleeping with black women.

The black women were stupid. They were having sex with white men for free. They didn’t know how valuable their ‘sex’ was.

The first black pimps began to tell the women about how their ‘sex’ was a gold mine. They told them to stick thier hands out for the white man’s money. The first black pimps and sure-shot gamblers [Berry was a big gambler too] were the only ‘black’ big shots in the country.

They wore nice clothes and had blooded horses [drugs]. Those pimps were black geniuses. They wrote the book on pimping. Even now if it wasn’t for the frantic army of white tricks [a trick is the act between a prostitute and her client.], black pimps would starve to death.

White men have been greedy for black women ever since his first whiff of her ‘sex’. Black whores con themselves into believing that the only reason white men solicit them is because white women aren’t pleasing him.

He has two other secret sick reasons. White women are not hip to his secret reasons. White women are not even hip to why he locks black men up. He’d love it if the black women weren’t locked in there. The white man is scared crazy. He doesn’t want them coming out and having sex with white women.

That’s the real reason for keeping all the black men locked up. To show you how sick in the head he is, he thinks black broads are dirt beneath his feet.

Why does he have to come to them? The white man is like a whore that needs and loves punishment. He’s a joke with money in his hand. As great as he thinks he is, he can’t keep himself from having sex with black women.

He wallows and stains himself. The poor freaks’ joy is in his suffering. He believes he has done something dirty to himself. He slips back into his white world. He goes on conning himself he’s God and Niggers are wild filthy animals he has to keep in the stockades. He doesn’t know he’s sick in the head. The rundown on the first black pimps will make you proud to be a pimp.

Key People in the Truth of Motown

Bettye Lavette was a fellow Detroit singer of the original Motown singers. She dated Clarence Paul, a songwriter and record producer for Motown, at the time. Her testimony is one of the most damaging to the TRUTH behind Motown. She is talking about the ‘original’ Motown artists: The Temptations, The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, the Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas, and the Marvelettes, Mary Wells. Typically anyone who came on before 1967. This is some of her testimony, the rest will be given later.

"It was "Pretty Rick" & "Fast Eddie", and these people were pimps or drug dealers or numbers men...No one mentions that those were Berry Gordy’s running partners…"

Arnold "Pretty Rick" Wright was the owner of Uptight records in Detroit. He was a pimp and a drug dealer. In the new book about Motown out titled,"Hype and Soul:Behind the Scenes at Motown", Motown’s director of public relations Al Abrams writes:

"Another client was Detroit’s Uptight Productions. I wrote some classic artist biographies there, including the very first one for The Black Mer-da. But what I remember best is that when it came time to pay me, owner Arnold "Pretty Rick" Wright would always give me my $1,000 fee for each biography in dollar bills – yes, that is one thousand individual bills in a paper bag. Those dollar bills always bore traces of some white powdery substance on them, but I didn’t complain. Nor did I ever dawdle to count them out in front of Rick. When Pretty Rick decided that he wanted a world-class photograph taken of him as befits a Detroit record mogul, I gave the assignment to a friend, J. Edward Bailey III, who was a photographer for Fortune, Life and Time magazines. He also received his $2,500 fee all in dollar bills. We sent the photos out to all the big media – and they were absolutely stunning portraits. Fast forward four years and I am sitting in the City Desk area of the Detroit Free Press talking to a young reporter friend named Bill Schmidt – who later went on to become the Newsweek Bureau Chief in Cairo. Bill mentioned a story he was working on for publication that Sunday and thought I might recognize one of the names. It was Arnold Wright, and the Freep was desperate to find a photo of him to use for the story. I asked Bill if he had tried the entertainment desk. He ran there and came back with a photo in his hand. That Sunday the Freep ran a big expose headed "The Ten Top Men Running Detroit’s Dope Business." Most of the photos were, as you’d expect, mug shots. But there, at the top of the page, was the stunning professional portrait of the Top Dog himself – Pretty Rick. He certainly got his money’s worth out of that photo. You could have knocked me over with --- a dollar bill."

In 1975 [the year after Motown officially left Detroit], "Pretty Rick" was sentenced to up to 20years in prison on drug charges and ordered to pay $150,500 in fines and court costs. Detroit Recorder’s Court ‘Judge George Crockett Jr. said Wright’s was the biggest drug case to come before him in his nine years as a judge.

Although I might have a clue, currently I can find no information on who "Fast Eddie" was.

What you’ll notice online is that you there is almost no information on these men. You’ll also notice that Motown artists never mention them. Yet, they are a key to the secret life behind Motown.

In fact, prostitution was all over Motown. Stevie Wonders mother was a prostitute. Billie Holiday, who Diana Ross played in ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ was a prostitute. Marvin Gaye loved prostitution.

Like Father, Like Son, Like Grandson

The group named LMFAO consists of Berry Gordy’s son and grandson. They sing the song "Party Rock Anthem". What is most significant here is their testimony about ‘pimping’ being a part of their family.

In their song "Scream My Name" they sing:

I respect your hustle girl, but don’t try to hustle me.
‘Cause I’m a show you a pimp and where a gangsta live.
And it runs in my family.

Their music is littered with the ‘pimp’ lifestyle which includes terminology. For example, they have a song called 'Hot Dog'. In the 'Pimp World' a dog is a older, hardened whore, or young sexual libertine (freak).

In a recent article they were quoted as saying, "We have a degree in pimpin'."


This is just the beginning. There is a lot more to come.