The Craft & Jay-Z: RECODED: Part 1
(Freemasonry: The War of Craft Series)

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What really is "the Craft" or "Craft Masonry"?

"Masonry is described otherwise as ‘a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols’. The morality belongs to the building, the allegory and symbols are common to the art and its tools, all hanging together and making for one meaning" From the A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry by Arthur E. Waite (1952) pg. 154

After reading this quote we can clearly see that freemasonry (in particular "Craft Masonry") is hidden or veiled by narrative, pictures, words & theatre and delivered by the arts. Anytime you watch a movie, see a video, listen to a song, see a billboard, watch a news report, or even watching a sports event, you will be bombarded with symbols that have a "deeper meaning." Usually this meaning has spiritual implications, and even if you do not acknowledge or recognize it, these tactics were designed & deployed in order to lead you down the path of apprenticeship (ashlars).

So war has been declared on your spirit and your mind! Whether you like it or not! Their goal has always been the same; to turn you into a willing and able vessel of unrighteousness. Have you ever found yourself doing something that harmed you and you had no idea why you were doing it? Or have you even driven home without even realizing how you really got there? Your whole way of life can be on auto-pilot, but you must first turn over the cockpit to another. The goal of freemasonry is to make you willingly give up your "cockpit" that another (Lucifer) can take over. For example take this verse from Master-Mason Sean Carter (a.k.a Jay-Z):

Lord forgive him, he got them dark forces in him
But he also got a righteous cause for sinning
(from "Lucifer" on the Black Album)

The purpose behind what you currently see in the media/art world remains hidden because it is wrapped up in allegory. Most people will think that a song is only a song or that a movie is only a movie. But if you use common sense, there have to be deeper reasons why certain things ascend to the main stream and some do not.

In "the Craft" there are 3 levels of spiritual ascension for the Freemason or ashlar. The 3 levels can be summed up in 3 experiential phrases: Entered, Passed and Raised (Arthur E. Waite, p.154). This "journey towards the new birth" starts with the ‘Entered’ phase; where the apprentice begins to build himself creating an alter-ego. The next phase, "Passed" reaches its pinnacle when the apprentice totally yields over the "cockpit" to Lucifer. The final phase, "Raised" begins with the ‘newly enlighten’ man who has been resurrected and can now ascend to higher levels of consciousness or spiritual realities. When you watch movies and videos these 3 themes frequently show up. Let’s hear from Sean Carter again:

Man, I gotta get my soul right, uhh
I gotta get these devils out my life, uhh
These cowards gonna make a nigga right, uhh
They won't be happy 'til somebody die, uhh
Oh man, I gotta get my soul right, uhh
'Fore I'm locked up for my whole life, uhh
Every time it seems it's alright
Somebody want they soul to rise
I chase you off of this earth
(from "Lucifer" on the Black Album)

This "interlude" is an allegory that starts off with "entered" (first 2 verses), "passed (next 4 verses), and "raised" (last 3 verses). We can see this allegory ending with them following after or "chasing" Lucifer off of the earth into another spiritual "realm". The Artist that aspires to ascend in the spiritual realm must first look to the first person to attempt to defy God and make themselves like The Most High. Once you have given yourself over to the thought of "being God-like" then you have already given up control of the "cockpit". Speaking of those who have moved up "the Craft" degrees, Waite writes:

" " …they will be forcibly reminded of…one catholic experience which must be almost universal in Masonry, the consciousness that in entering the Brotherhood they have been incorporated by a vital organism [and], that they have become part of a Living House….to the infolding power in the spirit itself of Masonry, as of a great and abiding presence in some great and holy house of the Lord and man."From: A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, p. 157,

Here, Waite gives us an understand of the fact that ALL masons must share the same experience of becoming "God-like" by their own strength and might but at the same time yielding themselves to lord Lucifer. Once again let’s hear from Sean Carter:

Let me get serious for y'all, one second
I got dreams of holding a Nine milla
To Bobs killer
Asking him "why?" as my eyes fill up
These days I can't wake up with a dry pillow
Gone but not forgotten Holmes I still feel ya
So... curse the day that birthed the bastard
Who caused your Church Mass
Reverse the crash
Reverse the blast
And reverse the car
Reverse the day, and there you are
Lord forgive him we all have sinned
But Bobs a good dude please let him in
And if you feel in my heart that I long for revenge
Please blame it on the son of the mourning
Thanks Again
(from "Lucifer" on the Black Album)

In this finally allegory, Jay-Z gets serious, and we can see why:

Sean Carter lays out a story in which an anonymous "friend" died, and he seeks revenge for the dead, but his dream is not just about revenge. In the 6th and 7th verses he makes sure that he proclaims his power over God’s power by first cursing and de-throning The Lord Jesus Christ.

Secondly in verses 8-11, he becomes omnipotent by taking control of time and reversing the day/event that kills the anonymous "friend".

Finally in verse 9, Jay-Z resurrects his anonymous "friend", and bestows divinity upon him (calling him Bob-Allah). In the final 5 verses Sean Carter speaks as the embodiment of Lucifer (as in Job 1:6-10), submitting to The Lord Jesus Christ but only to try and twist His righteousness and judgment (for Jay-Z pushes his standard instead of God's, calling his "friend" good, twisting scripture by making judging all of mankind & also he tells God not to blame him for his wicked vengeful heart but to blame Satan; Jay-Z tops it off by saying "Thanks Again" as if God owed him one).

But who is this anonymous "friend"?, well if we take the rapper at his word then we know that Lucifer sits at the controls of this whole allegory. Of course this is at the behest of the poet (Jay-Z). If Satan runs the ship then we can conclude that this allegory is a tug of war between the alter-ego (Jay-Z/ Hova) and Satan himself. The anonymous "friend" then becomes the real Sean Carter, who after a tragic event curses God & dies (Job 2:9) after which the resurrected "new man" or alter-go (Jay-Z/Hova) rises like a phoenix. Of course Jay-Z knows that his deal with Lucifer will end in disaster that is why there is a plea of pseudo-redemption at the end. Unfortunately, Freemasonry falls short just like everything else that tries to exalt itself above God. For even in "the Craft" there can be no spiritual enlightenment without a religious foundation. From: A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, p. 157:

"…but these are developed by other systems as mysteries of spiritual experience…the analogies and replicas are everywhere, especially in religious systems…By this it also connects…on the other [side] with the soul’s history as formulated in all religions".

Craft Masonry is therefore dependent on the current religious systems of the world. And if it is dependent upon these allegories, narratives, symbols and rites, then how can it then be, "supreme"? How can it then be that spiritual words, techniques, strategies, groups, thoughts, or ideas become greater than their frame of reference? These false systems of beliefs falls into one category: PRIDEFUL. "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:18. Even the fools know that their prideful systems will one day end in flames! Lets hear from our final Jay-Z lyric:

Next time I'm in church, please no photos
Police escorts
Everybody passports
This the life that everybody ask for
This a fast life
We are on a crash course
(Kanye West verse from "Run this Town" on Jay-Z: Blueprint 3)

We know that these Craft Freemasons are on a crash course to destruction. The question is will you be along for the ride or have you already let Lucifer take the controls. RESISTANCE is FUTURE (Jas. 4:6-10)

Rock Mason???

What about the term "Roc" or "Roc Nation"? At face value the 'roc' is short for "Rockafella" but we have already given ample evidence of esoteric meaning within the arts. Lets here from Sean Carter:

The Bruce Wayne of the game have no fear
When you need me just throw your ROC signs in the air, yeah!
(From song Kingdom Come on the 'Kingdom Come' Album)

What is the "Roc sign"? Of course, it is the sign of the triangle, but not just any triangle, an equilateral triangle in particular. The definition of an equilateral Triangle in the 'Technology of Rites & Grades' section of 'A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry' is as follows: A Masonic symbol of the Deity. The symbolic emblem of Jay-z's "Roc" is that of the Masonic God.

But "Roc" can also mean 'rock' or 'Stone'. The masonic word for stone is 'ashlar'. The ashlar represents an apprentice or unfinished masonic brother. The ashlar starts off in "rough" state and gets hewn until he reaches "perfect" state. So who hewns or shapes the ashlar; from 'A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry', p.46:

"As the stone comes from the quarry , so comes every man and woman form the mother's womb, and that into which they shall be shapped depends on many craftsmen. But in the last resource the craftsman is always oneself..."

We can clearly see the really meanining of the 'ROC'; an unfinished masonic apprentice on the path to becoming a deity or a "god". The way of the Craft, the way of Freemasonry, depends on the belief that a human can become a "god". The acsent to god-hood shows itself frequently in the Arts. Many artists (especially in the realm of Music) refer to them selves or their work as "I am" (e.g. Alicia Keyes Album, Beyonce's tour name, Blackeye Peas, Eminem song, Nas Album, Mary J. Blige song, etc.).

The "I am" reference originated in The Word of God: Exodus 3:13 "The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you and they shall say to me, what is his name? what shall I say to them? And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM; and he said Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent you".

The Hebrew word for "I AM" is YHVH (in Hebrew there are no vowels). A late translation of the divine name added the vowels from the Hebrew word ADONIA (meaning THE LORD) which derived the name 'JEHOVAH'. Now we understand why the Master Mason Sean Carter refers to himself as Jay-Hova or Hova. You can actually see the ashlars progression through the illuminated masonic pathway, when in 2006 he calls himself "young Hova" and by 2009 "Great Hova". Evolving from a little god to a great "god" or "god-king". Let's hear from the Mason Jay-Z:

And I'm so evolved I'm so involved
I'm showing growth, I'm so in charge
I'm C.E.O. and yeah going god
From song Kindom Come on the Kingdom Come album

We can see that in 2006, Jay-Z was "going god" or on the path to god-hood. But by 2009, Sean Carter made it to Mount Olympius the "throne of the God's". Of course this type of mystery cult spirituality has been preached for years, even in the beginning of the Hip Hop movement (i.e. Grand Master Flash; a Grand Master is a title in the masonic order). But for a moment let us take a look at a major secret society rap artist called Rakim (a.k.a. William Griffith Jr., a.k.a. Rakim-Allah, a.k.a Rah). In a 1997 song entitled 'Mystery (Who is God)', Griffith proclaims:

Which brings us back, to the mystic question, who is God?
Sixty-six trillion years since his face was shown
When the seventh angel appears, the mystery will be known
Check Revelations and Genesis, St. Luke and John
It even tells us we are Gods in the Holy Qu'ran
Wisdom Strength and Beauty, one of the meanings of God
G.O.D. you and me...
(Rakim song: Mystery (Who is God) from Album: The 18th Letter-Disc One)

Rakim calls himself the 'god MC' and on the 1988 album Follow the Leader Rakim gives this revelation:

Then after that I'll live forever - you disagree?
You say never? Then follow me!
From century to century you'll remember me
In history - not a mystery or a memory
god by nature, mind raised in Asia
(Eric B. & Rakim song: Follow the Leader from album Follow the Leader)

On that same album is a song called 'Microphone Fiend', here is a line from that song: "Gimme a stage and a mic and a mix/ And I'll put you in a mood or is it a state of unawareness?". This 'state of unawarenss' that Mr. Griffith refers to is the same state that artists have "put" people in for thousands of years. The truth was right in front of you the whole time. Many of these artists have blatanlty told you that they are in secret societies and that they believe that they are gods. Now watch how Sean Carter blatantly tells you about his beliefs and that he has joined the secret society of the Craft.

We are
Yeah I said it
We are
You can call me Cesar
In a dark Czar
Please follow the leader
So Eric B. we are
Microphone fiend
It's the return of thee god
Peace God...
(Auh! Auh!) And ain't nobody fresher
I'm in Mason
(Jay-Z song 'Run this town' from album Blueprint 3)

The only thing left now is for you to awaken...Resistance is Future (Jas. 4:6-10)