The Word In Depth

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Downloadable Bible Studies.

Getting God’s Attention: What do we do, when we know that God is there, but we don’t feel we have His attention?

S.A.I.L.N.G. FINDING PURPOSE, MEANING & FULFILLMENT IN LIFE’S TURBULENCE: There are 6 important character traits that we must develop in order to maintain our stability as life’s furious winds blow. Using the acronym S.A.I.L.N.G.

Endless Life of Blessing: Understanding the true meaning of "Blessing" and how you can be truely blessed in a chaotic & dark world.

Keeping the Feast- The Ultimate Meaning of Passover: What does Passover have to do with your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ? ...Everything! Find out what Christ demands of us and develop a new passion for integrity!

Walk Through the Treasury: The economic situation in the world has deteriorated, finding out and understanding the keys to LIFE will help you to live in the LIGHT.

Courage in Conflict: It takes courage to stand up in the face of conflict….But God has called us to do so…..Let Us find the courage!

Exchange in Darkness- Taking Off the Spirit of Heaviness: Find the purpose of darkness, depression and the feeling & routine of sadness...