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Hat Trick: Introduction

First, I will issue a warning to this pamphlet. It is required that those who wear blindfolds take off all shades & blinders before reading these chapters. Second, serious research has been done for this, from international news articles to academic websites (so please do not take this lightly, much work has gone into finding out the truth). If you have any doubts about what you have read, I challenge you to do your OWN research and construct your own report to "educate" others!

What do: Uncle Sam, Uncle Penny Bags (from the board game Monopoly), Abraham Lincoln, T-Pain, Magicians, the Planters Peanut man, Frosty the Snow Man, Circus Ring Masters, The Mad Hatter (from Alice in Wonderland), and the BP Oil Containment Dome, all have in common??? That's RIGHT!!! The TOP HAT!!!